Get Unlimited Visitors To Your Site

Get unlimited fake visitors to your websites (It all depends on how many proxies you have).

New features:
- Select referrer
- Random user agent (different web browsers) -out of 30
- Sleep timer
- Select number of threads

It comes with a list of 200 working proxies (I will add more later). This tool is now safe to use with anything you want. If you do not want to get banned use only one thread and a timer like 10 - 30 sec. But if you know what you are doing you will most likely know how to set it up.

This works with:
- fiverr
- forum views increasing
- it's now adsense safe
- web counters
- increase Alexa rank (BHW members saying it has same effect as Super Alexa Booster)
- Youtube views - up to 300?
- a lot of different things you can come up with



Download Here

PPD Archive

Archive of manuals on the topic of making money with Pay Per Download sites like ShrinkOnce.

Sublime Twitter Bot Cracked

Core Features

1. Extremely Fast and Multi-threaded.

2. Saves Time with a Socket Based HTTP core.

3. Automatic Captcha Breaking Support with DBC (Death by Captcha).

4. Constant Addition of User Requested Features.

5. Keeps up with Twitter’s Rapid Growth by Providing Automatic Updates.

Software Modules

1. Account Creator* – Ability to create Thousands of accounts in a matter of minutes.

2. Mass Profile Editor – Create a realistic profile with a click of a button.

3. Follower – Automatically Follow users.

4. Tweet Poster – Posts Tweets for all your Accounts.

5. User Scraper – Search and compile a list of twitter users.

5. Wait and Reply

6. Account Checker

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Microjobs/Fiverr Script

Superb fully featured microjobs/fiverr type script.
Multiple price option: Choose whatever price range you want.
Multi Lingual: Add and remove languages from the admin panel.
Autotweet: Choose to have new jobs posted straight to your twitter account.
Facebook login.
Twitter login.
Feedback ratings.
Plenty of social network buttons and bookmarking options.
and much more